Create a more scalable, reliable "always on" enterprise with enterprise cloud solutions.

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Manage, Migrate and Modernize with Syntel’s Cloud Services

Cloud solutions are quickly emerging as the key driver for enterprises to maintain their competitive edge, simplify their IT infrastructure, and "keep the lights on". Syntel’s Cloud Services deliver a viable and scalable solution to this complex challenge, providing clients with a complete roadmap for onboarding to the cloud.

The most pressing challenges:

  • Low Agility
  • Lack of Scalability
  • Poor User Experience
  • High cost of ownership
  • Slow Time to Market
  • Barrier to Experimentation


Key Offerings

Syntel helps map out your cloud journey all the way from strategy to execution by offering deep, industry-relevant insights as well as world-class infrastructure, software and platforms delivered in an "as-a-service" model.

Cloud Advisory

Enables organizations at various stages of the cloud adoption journey to decide their future course and achieve ROI from cloud investments.

Legacy Modernization Factory

Remodel and optimize your existing business processes, and quickly migrate from legacy systems to cloud using inventory analysis, business rule extraction, code conversion, standardization and refactoring.

Enterprise Cloud Development

Accelerate business capability delivery through a high degree of automation. Rapidly achieve market differentiation with comprehensive public PaaS/SaaS solutions for leading platforms including Salesforce, Azure, AWS, Cloud Foundry, Google, Bluemix and Oracle.

Cloud Operations Powered by SyntBots®

Automate infrastructure, applications and process, and manage operations across the entire cloud technology landscape with our next-generation intelligent automation platform, SyntBots.

Key Solution Differentiators

  • SyntBots® for Cloud Migration enables accelerated modernization to cloud
  • SyntBots® for DevOps for multiple cloud platforms accelerates development
  • Re-usable domain-driven reference architectures for faster, more efficient turnaround

Key Benefits

Reduce Deployment Issues and Rollout Time by as much as 30%

Reduce Time and Effort for Cloud Migration by as much as 90%

Ensure 100% Architecture Compliance

Reduce Provisioning Time by more than 90%

Success Stories

Accelerating Time to Market with Pivotal Cloud Foundry

The client, a leading retailer, was facing slow cycle times for the development, testing and deployment of new applications, which resulted in unacceptably slow rollout of new business functionality. In addition, the complexity of these apps and a lack of automation was driving up the cost of development and maintenance.

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Syntel’s Cloud-based Salesforce Solution Boosts Sales

Customer engagement is a key indicator of business performance, improvement and customer-centricity. A leading life insurance, investments and retirement solutions company is committed to improving customer service by simplifying user experience and automating its policy order lifecycle system. Syntel’s quick implementation of a cloud-based platform helped the client reduce its time-to-market and meet its dynamic business requirements.

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Driving Targeted Marketing With Salesforce CRM Solution

Targeted marketing is a smart maneuver to eliminate possible spam, engage with the desired audience and optimize sales productivity. A Fortune 500 financial service provider was looking to enhance its targeted marketing campaign but needed insights into customer spending patterns for a robust plan. The client collaborated with Syntel to generate insights for targeted marketing campaigns for users with an annual spend greater than $500K.

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Integrating Tableau with Salesforce for Deeper Insights into Sales Performance

The client is a global card services company with operations across the globe. They were looking to enhance their sales performance by combining the power of Salesforce with the rich data visualization abilities of Tableau.

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