Legacy Modernization

Break away from the legacy mindset with a powerful, automated modernization approach.

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Fast-track your legacy modernization with Syntel’s proven solutions

Legacy applications can be a drain on any enterprise, inhibiting speed to market, driving costs up, and stifling innovation.

The most pressing challenges:

  • Slow, non-scalable systems that are unable to meet the demands of a digital business
  • Steadily rising cost of operations and change implementation
  • Shortage of staff trained on older platforms, and a risk of knowledge loss
  • Lack of flexibility to adapt to changes in business process, market conditions and compliance regulations


Key Offerings

Syntel’s legacy modernization practice features a unique suite of services tied together by an intelligent automation platform that delivers a simpler, more scalable and cost-effective technology ecosystem.


Legacy Modernization Center of Excellence

Automated Solutions

SyntBots® automated Exit Legacy solution

Multiple Approaches

Multiple modernization approaches, including re-architecture, platform migration, re-hosting, refactoring, and rewriting

Incremental Approach

Incremental modernization through microservices-based architecture

Factory-based Delivery

A factory-based delivery model

Key Benefits

80% Reduction in Cost of Ownership

30% Increase in Modernization Speed

30%–50% Reduction in Time to Market

Transition Towards a Real-Time Enterprise Computing Environment

Process Improvement and Rationalization

Business Cycle Time Reduction

Success Stories

Modernizing a Credit Rating Platform with Microservices

A leading U.S. provider of credit ratings, research and risk analysis was looking to consolidate several rating applications and replace their legacy ratings framework. At issue was a monolithic application that faced change management issues as well as scalability restrictions caused by the existing architecture.

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Syntel’s Reservation system modernization Increases Productivity by 40%

Syntel’s client is a UK based marine and corporate travel management company with specialization in crew and rig executive travel booking and management. The wanted to develop an end-to-end online portal for travel purchases and tracking, that would streamline processes and reduce costs.

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Syntel’s Successful Journey with Leading IT Provider of Airline Processes

A leading IT provider delivers passenger, cargo handling, flight operation, and aircraft maintenance services. Syntel has been associated with the client since 2008 and has successfully developed a multitude of applications for the client systems. We are presently testing and enhancing our client’s system applications. All these projects are being executed using the Syntel onsite-offshore model.

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