Legacy Modernization

Break away from the legacy mindset with a powerful, automated modernization approach.

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Fast-track your legacy modernization with Syntel’s proven solutions

Legacy applications can be a drain on any enterprise, inhibiting speed to market, driving costs up, and stifling innovation.

The most pressing challenges:

  • Slow, non-scalable systems that are unable to meet the demands of a digital business
  • Steadily rising cost of operations and change implementation
  • Shortage of staff trained on older platforms, and a risk of knowledge loss
  • Lack of flexibility to adapt to changes in business process, market conditions and compliance regulations


Key Offerings

Syntel’s legacy modernization practice features a unique suite of services tied together by an intelligent automation platform that delivers a simpler, more scalable and cost-effective technology ecosystem.


Legacy Modernization Center of Excellence

Automated Solutions

SyntBots® automated Exit Legacy solution

Multiple Approaches

Multiple modernization approaches, including re-architecture, platform migration, re-hosting, refactoring, and rewriting

Incremental Approach

Incremental modernization through microservices-based architecture

Factory-based Delivery

A factory-based delivery model

Key Benefits

80% Reduction in Cost of Ownership

30% Increase in Modernization Speed

30%–50% Reduction in Time to Market

Transition Towards a Real-Time Enterprise Computing Environment

Process Improvement and Rationalization

Business Cycle Time Reduction

Success Stories

IT Re-architecture for a Leading U.S. Specialty Insurer

The client, a leading specialty insurer, was looking to modernize their IT systems to achieve faster time to market, eliminate legacy mainframe costs and bring down their overall total cost of ownership, while aligning their IT more closely with the company’s business objectives.

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Modernizing a Credit Rating Platform with Microservices

A leading U.S. provider of credit ratings, research and risk analysis was looking to consolidate several rating applications and replace their legacy ratings framework. At issue was a monolithic application that faced change management issues as well as scalability restrictions caused by the existing architecture.

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Syntel’s Reservation system modernization Increases Productivity by 40%

Syntel’s client is a UK based marine and corporate travel management company with specialization in crew and rig executive travel booking and management. The wanted to develop an end-to-end online portal for travel purchases and tracking, that would streamline processes and reduce costs.

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Syntel’s Successful Journey with Leading IT Provider of Airline Processes

A leading IT provider delivers passenger, cargo handling, flight operation, and aircraft maintenance services. Syntel has been associated with the client since 2008 and has successfully developed a multitude of applications for the client systems. We are presently testing and enhancing our client’s system applications. All these projects are being executed using the Syntel onsite-offshore model.

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