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Evolve your core apps and infrastructure management with a holistic managed services approach.

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Managing IT operations is about more than just keeping the lights on. In the digital age, your IT infrastructure and applications must be able to constantly evolve in the face of an ever-changing technology and business environment. More than ever, delivering high-quality applications and services is critical across every platform, market, and business area.

The most pressing challenges:

  • Traditional IMS processes and legacy applications unfit for the digital world
  • Increasing IT infrastructure and application management costs
  • Lack of enterprise agility and long turnaround times
  • Unstable systems
  • Inconsistent processes


Key Offerings

Syntel’s IT Ops services employ automation frameworks and a managed services model to help clients reduce costs while ensuring a highly available and agile IT infrastructure. In addition, our application management and maintenance services take the pain out of maintaining your applications landscape.

Intelligent Automation

Integrated application and IMS automation, powered by the SyntBots® intelligent automation platform

Managed Services

Outcome-based, SLA driven managed services model

Application Maintenance

Kanban model for application maintenance

Predictive Analytics

Detect to Recover framework powered by predictive analytics

Process Optimization

Process standardization and optimization


Service consolidation and transformation

Key Benefits

40%+ Cost Reduction

45% Downtime Reduction

Zero Defect Production Rollouts

Integrated Application and Infrastructure Service Availability Improvements

Success Stories

Delivering Managed Services Excellence for a Leading Life & Annuities Carrier

The client, a leading Life and Annuities carrier, was working with several on-site IT contractors with no scale. They needed to execute an extensive vendor consolidation effort to manage 180+ enterprise applications, 6,000+ small / medium sized business apps, and more than 20 new development initiatives. See how Syntel stepped in and delivered the scale, efficiency and expertise they needed.

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Syntel Automates IT Ops for Faster Ticket Resolution for A Leading Credit Rating Agency

Our client is a leading credit rating agency, wanted to automate their ticketing system in a bid to eliminate errors introduced due to human intervention, thereby improving productivity and reducing the turnaround time for ticket resolution.

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SyntBots® Delivers 60% More System Availability for Speciality Retailer

A leading speciality retailer was looking to improve service levels for its business users and customers through a digital transformation. The initiative was hampered by the high cost of support operations and legacy systems. Syntel partnered with the client to integrate SyntBots — Syntel’s next-generation automation platform — with the client’s existing applications and infrastructure to improve availability and drive significant savings in support costs.

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40% uptime improvement for Retailer

Syntel has helped one of the world’s largest music instruments retailer with multichannel operations in over 256 stores across the U.S. to achieve 40% improvement in uptime.

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