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In the Digital Age, new markets, new customers and a changing technology landscape is creating increased business complexity. The resulting maze of technologies and processes drives up the cost of doing business and has a negative impact on ROI. It is imperative that organizations find new methods and technologies that simplify processes, deliver scalable solutions, and reduce costs.

Syntel’s Enterprise Cloud Services provide a powerful, scalable solution to this challenge. Our cloud migration, development and management services provide a clear roadmap for cloud onboarding — delivering measurable business outcomes at every step. Our services and patented tools and accelerators are designed to deliver tangible benefits and clearly-defined improvements, including faster time to market, higher IT system uptime and more efficient processes and technologies.

Syntel works tirelessly to enable our clients to accelerate their cloud journeys, compete effectively in the digital world, and lead with innovation. Our partnership with Pivotal enables us to create cutting-edge solutions that deliver competitive advantage and long-term value.

Syntel’s Pivotal Centre of Excellence (CoE)

Syntel brings together Pivotal-certified practitioners and architects to build high-impact, business focused Pivotal solutions. As a Pivotal Global Systems Integrator partner, Syntel has invested heavily in the following areas:

  • Cloud labs that customers can use to prototype new solutions and jumpstart their cloud native journey
  • Cloud native training programs and a best-in-class PAL certification program to ensure certified professionals are ready to work for our clients
  • Investments in IP and a unique brownfield migration approach to drive faster cloud adoption 



Roadmap Consulting

  • Impact analysis for applications moving to Cloud Foundry
  • Portfolio analysis prescribing suitability for public, private, or hybrid cloud environments
  • Reference architecture and roadmap creation
  • Process consulting for DevOps and continuous integration & deployment (CI/CD)

Product Engineering Services

  • DevOps employing the SyntBots® automation platform to simplify tool implementation, build, and deployment
  • Deployment of Cloud Foundry components
  • Implementation of cloud-native guidelines
  • Application lifecycle management setup using CI/CD tools
  • Ready-to-use test cases for non-functional testing of Cloud Foundry-based apps

Modernization and Migration

  • Cloud Migration Factory for mass migration of Cloud Foundry deployments
  • Automated code migration rules for basic cloud compatibility
  • Dedicated labs for Cloud Foundry environment simulations
  • Microservices implementation to fulfill non-functional requirements
  • Configuration and implementation of auto scaling and cloud bursting


Syntel’s Pivotal Lab


Syntel operates a dedicated PCF lab that pairs seasoned coders with trainees to achieve open source contributor or “committer” status in about six weeks. Our lab is a replica of Pivotal Labs in San Francisco, with modern architecture and an open space concept to support more than 100 concurrent applications. The purpose of the lab is to support advanced training, research and development, proofs of concept and demonstrations, third-party component integration, and other services like:


PCF Deployment

Syntel Tools + Open Source Software

Other Services

  • Elastic Runtime
  • Apps Manager
  • Redis
  • MySQL
  • Rabbit MQ
  • SyntBots for Cloud for code scanning and auto remediation
  • SyntBots Orchestrator
  • SyntBots for DevOps
  • Test Automation Tools
  • PCF Migration
  • Agile Coaching
  • Extreme Programming
  • PAL Certification
  • Test Driven Development

Success Stories

Accelerating Time to Market with Pivotal Cloud Foundry

The client, a leading retailer, was facing slow cycle times for the development, testing and deployment of new applications, which resulted in unacceptably slow rollout of new business functionality. In addition, the complexity of these apps and a lack of automation was driving up the cost of development and maintenance.

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