Success Stories

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Digital Services

Future-ready Solution for Sales Contact Center on Salesforce CRM Platform

Syntel’s client is a leading provider of financial services to credit unions, their members, and valued customers worldwide. It provides innovative commercial and consumer insurance as well as protection products to safeguard customers’ assets and help find solutions for their financial needs.

Maximizing Reach and Revenue from Marketing Campaigns

An American investment bank offered discounts to customers shopping with small businesses through an app-based campaign that also connected merchants with customers with innovative location-based features. The objective of the campaign was to generate more merchant registrations, while widening the customer base. See how Syntel providing the technical expertise to...

B2B Interaction Made Easy with Syntel’s Solution

Syntel’s client is a leading financial services organization. The client wanted an automated solution for their sales representatives to be able to get quick approvals on the exclusive discounts they offer in order to acquire and retain customers. Syntel implemented an escalation/exception functionality which helped meet the requirements.

Creating an Effective Testing Model for Supply Chain Applications

The client is a Fortune 100 retailer with 2,000+ stores across the globe.  They use Manhattan supply chain solutions for their warehouse operations, but needed an experienced partner to build a unified testing team for their supply chain applications. Syntel put together a knowledgeable core team that eliminated redundancy and increased efficiency.

Product Labeling Services for Global leader in Medical Device Manufacturing

The client is a global leader in medical devices and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Syntel provides complete 360º product labeling services for implementing its GS1 barcode system. They asked Syntel for help complying with the FDA’s Unique Device Identification (UDI) implementation, and Syntel provided labeling services from consulting support, to...

Enhancing Productivity with Syntel’s Production Support Services

A leading health insurance company was facing issues resolving a large number of tickets stemming from recurring issues. The client decided to make a significant effort to fix these errors, so Syntel deployed a team of Kanban and Production Support and Maintenance (PSM) experts to quickly and permanently fix them. In doing so, we not only reduced the ticket count...

Eliminating Manual Order Processing for Better Supply Chain Productivity

A Fortune 100 retailer wanted to eliminate manual intervention from its supply chain applications and enhance financial analytics. See how Syntel enhanced the client’s common information model and eliminated manual intervention for more efficient operations.

Enhanced Reports With Data Governance Framework

A large financial services company was looking to enhance reliability and consistency of its reports through improved data quality. To enable this, they wanted to improve productivity and reduce operational issues.

Syntel Helps Insurance Giant to Move to a Customized Agile Model

A large insurance company required an enterprise data warehouse with integrated dimensional modeling to meet its business objectives. Syntel created accelerators to help the customer reduce costs and improve time to market.

Customized Services for Productivity and Efficiency Improvement

One of the world’s top medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers was looking for prospective and retrospective validation of Commercial off-the Shelf (COTS) software tools used by their research department. Find out how Syntel’s unique risk-based frameworks and methodologies, customized tools and accelerators contributed to quality compliance,...