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Digital Services

SyntBots for Cloud – Syntel’s Automated Cloud Code Migration Tool

Cloud computing has created a new paradigm in application development, and having a highly scalable platform to host applications is a given.

Take Services Business to the Next Level With Financial Force

IT organizations spend a lot of man hours to give other people visibility on data. An integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system can make a world of difference in managing your customer satisfaction.

Achieve Improved Business Performance with Syntel’s SharePoint Services

Collaboration and enterprise social networking play a pivotal role in achieving the business productivity and performance required in the Digital Age.

Reduce TCO and Improve Agility by Leveraging Syntel Cloud Services

Today’s businesses need to keep up with digital natives to stay competitive. Servicing digital natives require global, scalable, available and ubiquitous system access.

Platform as a Service (PaaS) Demystified

In most private cloud implementation scenarios we came across IaaS (Infrastructure as a Solution) as the sole way of implementing cloud.

TCO Reduction of $249 million with Private Cloud Implementation

Syntel helped Fortune 500 company to undertake an enterprise-wide modernization initiative to migrate its application portfolio from legacy AIX to a Cisco UCS based private cloud. This lowered the customer’s total cost of ownership over a 5-year period.

Enable IoT Solutions using Azure

Gartner has predicted that in few years, billions of devices will be sending information to systems and will be connected globally. Almost all organizations will need to transform their businesses and technology to be able to leverage these connected things.

API Management Platforms - Digital Glue in the API economy

The digital revolution is disrupting industries and organizations. They need to transform themselves into digital enterprises to stay competitive in the new economy.

The Digital Insurer: Creating a Blueprint for the Future

Today’s digital revolution is creating vast socio-economic changes. Digital solutions are impacting customer decisions like never before, making customers even more aware, connected, and demanding.

Syntel’s Cloud Foundry Practice

Cloud Foundry is an open source cloud computing platform based on the philosophy “build once, deploy anywhere” meaning that applications built on Cloud Foundry will run on any other instance of Cloud Foundry.