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Digital Services

Digital Modernization in Warranty Management

In the digital age, manufacturers must strive to minimize cost while maximizing customer satisfaction. For any manufacturer, warranty is one of the biggest expenses, and large, complex warranty systems can create both technology and business process challenges.

Evolve the Core with Syntel’s Application Modernization Services

Most organizations have large, complex IT landscapes that are the result of decades of investments. Designed to supporting an enterprise’s unique business processes, they contain invaluable and irreplaceable institutional knowledge and historical data.

Self-Funded Digital Modernization Powered by SyntBots®

Two megatrends are reshaping the business landscape at a staggering pace. The first is disruptive pressure on company operations created by globalization and regulatory requirements.

Overcome the Challenges of Business Rules Extraction in Legacy Modernization

Modernization projects are challenging for a number of reasons, but by far the most common is a failure to extract all the business rules from a given system. This can lead to functionality shortfalls that delay deployment and cause business disruptions. 

Achieve Faster ROI, Better Quality and Lower Operational Costs with G-Agile

With the dramatic increase in consumerism and competition in the Digital Age, enterprises must increase their ability to adapt to changing business conditions while keeping productivity high.These priorities make it important for forward-looking companies to adopt Agile m

Evolve the Core with Syntel’s Legacy Modernization Services

Most organizations have large and extremely complex IT legacy systems which have years through huge investments. Legacy systems provide a competitive advantage by supporting unique business processes and contain invaluable institutional knowledge and historical data.

Syntel’s Integrated Solutions for Efficient Supplier Management

Comprehensive global supplier management is integral to lower procurement cost, competitive bidding, better quality products and global presence for manufacturers.

Exit Legacy: Syntel’s Solution Accelerator for Faster, Cheaper, and Derisked Legacy Transformation

Legacy software is embedded in customer organizations with extreme complexity. The problems with legacy applications are lack of agility, skills shortage, and high costs of

Go Digital with Syntel’s Legacy Modernization Services

As the business landscape evolves at an alarming pace, built-to-last legacy enterprise systems struggle to match up. Therefore, to maintain a competitive edge, it is important to revive, re-host and reengineer your legacy systems.

Syntel’s Medicare and Medicaid Services

The Medicare and Medicaid spending growth is the fastest among healthcare segments.