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Digital Services

Platform as a Service (PaaS) Demystified

In most private cloud implementation scenarios we came across IaaS (Infrastructure as a Solution) as the sole way of implementing cloud.

Accelerating Dodd-Frank Compliance Initiatives

The new Dodd-Frank financial regulations represent an important piece of financial legislation that has a major impact on financial institutions.

Leading Digital Modernization in Life Sciences Companies: A Syntel Brief

The Life Sciences industry has entered a new era with increasing competitive pressures, a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, disruptive digital technology changes, and deeper regulatory scrutiny.

Financial Services Transformation with a Next Generation Data Warehouse

The unparalleled growth in the volume, variety and velocity of data within and outside the enterprise is both a challenge and an opportunity for today’s companies.

Reengineered Applications and Real-time Dashboards with Syntel’s One-Stop Auto Finance Solution

As auto financial institutions seek to extend their geographical spread, they are faced with the difficulty of handling multiple dealers across locations, and the laws and regulations governing each location. In a bid to increase operational efficiency, they are investing

Detecting Risks and Averting Fraud with Syntel’s AML Solutions

Money laundering has been on the rise in the last few years, posing a financial threat, economic dilemma and legal entanglement across the globe.

Operational Model for Pharmacovigilance

Global Health Regulatory Agencies mandate all Pharmaceutical and Modern Drug Discovery companies to collect, process, and report adverse events. Organizations failing to achieve 100% compliance may face penalties or face drug withdrawal from the market.

Syntel’s Trial Master File Management

It is imperative and crucial for organizations to produce requested clinical records on time for various inspections and audits. Life sciences, medical devices and contract research organizations find it difficult and time consuming to cater such requirements.

Transforming Healthcare with hDigitalTx

The dimensions and scale of the challenges faced by healthcare providers - cost, quality and low reimbursements are changing rapidly. The evolution of healthcare models has accelerated accordingly.

TCO Reduction of $249 million with Private Cloud Implementation

Syntel helped Fortune 500 company to undertake an enterprise-wide modernization initiative to migrate its application portfolio from legacy AIX to a Cisco UCS based private cloud. This lowered the customer’s total cost of ownership over a 5-year period.