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Digital Services

Providing Greater Business Impact to Healthcare Product Services at Lower Costs

Healthcare organizations invest a significant share of their IT budgets in modernizing and upgrading legacy systems to the latest core administration and care management platforms.

Collaborating for Patient Centric Healthcare

 Patient centric care is at the core of nearly every debate in healthcare. This paper talks about the changes that industry stakeholders need to undergo in order to achieve the goal of true patient centricity.

Derive More Value from FACETS Platform by Automating Customer-centric Services

Healthcare organizations are continuously investing in IT to transform their legacy systems into robust product platforms to become more efficient and responsive. However, payers are under pressure due to increasing costs and healthcare reforms.

The Journey to Duck Creek Platform Excellence

An efficient product platform is at the core of a carrier’s IT landscape. A modern, agile, and function-rich platform helps insurers deliver a differentiated customer experience, streamline operations,

Reduce TCO and Improve Agility by Leveraging Syntel Cloud Services

Today’s businesses need to keep up with digital natives to stay competitive. Servicing digital natives require global, scalable, available and ubiquitous system access.

Centralized Global Partner to Support Scalable Model for Future Generation e-DMS

Dealing with multiple Document Management Systems (DMS) across multiple teams around the globe is a challenge for the Pharmaceutical industry. In order to realize tangible benefits from

Automating IT Ops with SyntBots®

Today, organizations in the Banking and Financial Services are under pressure to provide always-on IT at reduced costs. Multiple stakeholders and repetitive labor intensive tasks add

Improve Business Outcomes with Syntel’s Big Data Offerings

The unprecedented growth in volume, variety and velocity of data within and outside the enterprise is a challenge, as well as an opportunity for organizations. The ability to leverage Big Data for

Transportation Management Goes Digital with Syntel’s TMS — A Mission Critical Application

Logistics and transportation companies constantly strive to achieve higher productivity and provide faster delivery and better customer service at lower cost.

Supporting Real-time Logistics Industry Collaboration with a Modern EDI Platform

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) has become very popular in the logistics and transportation industry as companies and their trading partners adapt their systems to support electronic document