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Digital Services

Improve Business Outcomes with Syntel’s Big Data Offerings

The unprecedented growth in volume, variety and velocity of data within and outside the enterprise is a challenge, as well as an opportunity for organizations. The ability to leverage Big Data for

Transportation Management Goes Digital with Syntel’s TMS — A Mission Critical Application

Logistics and transportation companies constantly strive to achieve higher productivity and provide faster delivery and better customer service at lower cost. With tight margins and fierce

Supporting Real-time Logistics Industry Collaboration with a Modern EDI Platform

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) has become very popular in the logistics and transportation industry as companies and their trading partners adapt their systems to support electronic document

Analyzing Real Time Big Data for Quick Insights and Faster Decision-making

Business leaders in global organizations are driven to seek real time value.

Smoothing the Transition to EU MDR

The Medical Device sector is undergoing a series of unprecedented regulatory changes, affecting functions all the way from product design to market surveillance.

Latest to Legacy

Over the past three decades, Syntel has helped numerous Global 2000 customers stay ahead of a wide range of technology developments, including the Internet’s evolution, mobile technologies and more.

Transparent Governance, Robust Risk Management and Timely Compliance

In the aftermath of the recent economic turmoil, various industries and geographies realized the importance of enhanced governance, robust risk management practices and stringent regulatory guidelines, in order to keep pace with financial innovation.

Platform as a Service (PaaS) Demystified

In most private cloud implementation scenarios we came across IaaS (Infrastructure as a Solution) as the sole way of implementing cloud.

Accelerating Dodd-Frank Compliance Initiatives

The new Dodd-Frank financial regulations represent an important piece of financial legislation that has a major impact on financial institutions.

Navigate Digital reality with Syntel’s Digital Modernization Solutions

Todays’ enterprises face unprecedented regulatory mandates, cost constraints, and customer engagement challenges. They often find themselves trapped between the competing
priorities of maintaining legacy systems and the drive to modernize.