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Digital Services

Go Digital with Syntel’s Legacy Modernization Services

As the business landscape evolves at an alarming pace, built-to-last legacy enterprise systems struggle to match up. Therefore, to maintain a competitive edge, it is important to revive, re-host and reengineer your legacy systems.

Moving from Staff Augmentation to Managed Services

Staff Augmentation - In Staff Augmentation engagement model, organizations use IT service provider’s consultants to complement the in-house IT teams in execution of projects. Pricing model is based on the effort put by those consultants.

Syntel’s KYC/AML Compliance Offerings

KYC/AML enables financial organizations to effectively manage and optimize operational risk management processes and drive strategic decision making. Its risk scoring matrix helps in case management, alerts, watch list monitoring, and suspicious activity monitoring.

Enhanced Business Agility with Syntel’s Warranty Claim Solution Powered by HANA

The involvement of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), suppliers and dealers makes warranty claim processing a cumbersome task for the Auto industry. There is an urgent need to control fraudulent claims that result in revenue losses, dissatisfied customers.

Reduce Infrastructure Costs and Improve Business Performance with Syntel

Enterprises worldwide are constantly under pressure to reduce their IT infrastructure costs and complexity. At the same time they need to be agile and flexible to drive business performance and time to market.

Be First to Market with Syntel’s Test Design Accelerator

In the Digital Age, the success of your business depends on developing the speed and agility to keep up with increasing competition and new consumer demands. In this new digital reality, the most common challenges that businesses face are:

Syntel's Perspective on ICD-10 Migration

 The icd-9 to icd-10 migration poses a major challenge for healthcare payers and providers. However, an icd-10 implementation is a remarkable opportunity to upgrade the quality of healthcare data.

Ratings Simplified

Ratings are an evaluation of the financial status or credit worthiness of an organization or a country. Credit rating agencies consider financial and non-financial aspects to predict the debtor’s ability to pay back the debt.

Easy Product Testing with Syntel’s Product Testing Framework

Software delivery teams are under pressure to deliver cost effective solutions with flawless quality, but factors such as disparate legacy systems, stringent regulatory requirements, and emerging protocols and standards make software testing challenging and expensive for

Syntel’s Medicare and Medicaid Services

The Medicare and Medicaid spending growth is the fastest among healthcare segments.