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Digital Services

Syntel’s Cloud Foundry Practice

Cloud Foundry is an open source cloud computing platform based on the philosophy “build once, deploy anywhere” meaning that applications built on Cloud Foundry will run on any other instance of Cloud Foundry.

Rollout SAP Applications Faster With Certified SyntBots® Automation Framework for SAP

In the Digital Age, it is imperative to simplify and streamline processes to enhance the customer experience, improve operational efficiency and ensure consistent execution. The complexity and

Robo Advisors: Can an Algorithm Replace your Wealth Manager?

Automated, algorithm-based portfolio management services, or “robo advisors” offer low-cost, high quality financial advice for investors.

Syntel’s Microsoft Azure Practice Overview

Digital transformation has become the key strategic thrust for most organizations worldwide. They enable businesses to deliver better customer experiences and more value to their stakeholders.

Syntel’s Salesforce Practice

As cloud services mature more and more enterprises are adopting public enterprise PaaS platforms. They provide a great solution for rapid application development, especially for external facing use cases.

Optimizing 3PL Through IT

Logistics is a complex and extremely critical function, with real-time flows of information and physical goods. Many companies have left this to the experts (The 3PLs) rather than try and build a capability in-house.

Retail's Complexity: The IT Solution

Complexity of products, scale and processes, along with supply chain challenges, place ever greater demands on retailers. IT systems are at the heart of retail operations and play a central role in alleviating pressure points in the retail sector.

Gaining a 360 Degree View of Customer Data

When various teams work to serve a customer, each division creates their own view. This ambiguity has a direct impact on your bottom line, and data quality issues can lead to poor decisions, resulting in lost customers and reduced profitability.

Implementing a Scalable eTMF Model for Faster Clinical Trials and Drug Launches

Clinical records need to be produced in a timely manner for inspections and audits, but for many life sciences, medical devices, and research organizations, meeting such requirements is a difficult and time consuming task.