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Digital Services

Enable IoT Solutions using Azure

Gartner has predicted that in few years, billions of devices will be sending information to systems and will be connected globally. Almost all organizations will need to transform their businesses and technology to be able to leverage these connected things.

API Management Platforms - Digital Glue in the API economy

The digital revolution is disrupting industries and organizations. They need to transform themselves into digital enterprises to stay competitive in the new economy.

Realizing Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) have been around for some time but there is renewed excitement, with industry watchers like TechCrunch, Fortune and the BBC branding 2016 as “The Year of VR.”

Microservices: A Flexible Architecture for the Digital Age

In today’s always-on world, it is no longer feasible to release software products on a multi-month or multiyear development cycle. Traditional "monolithic" applications have inherent risks and limitations that cannot always meet the demands of the Digital Age.

The Digital Insurer: Creating a Blueprint for the Future

Today’s digital revolution is creating vast socio-economic changes. Digital solutions are impacting customer decisions like never before, making customers even more aware, connected, and demanding.

Robotic Process Automation: The Path to Modernization

One of the biggest challenges for the U.S. healthcare industry today is controlling turnaround time (TAT) for critical business transactions. This challenge can be extremely disruptive and pose a significant threat to the enterprise.

Wellness through Fitness

Healthcare is evolving along two dimensions. The first is a mega shift from in-hospital care to remote and at-home care, while the second is a change of focus from treatment to prevention to wellness.

Creating Personalized Risk Profiles for Auto Insurance

Car insurance premiums are typically determined using previous claims history, car make, model and age, and the insured’s driving record. Insurers also take into account driver demographics like age and location as an input to premium computation.

Syntel’s Cloud Foundry Practice

Cloud Foundry is an open source cloud computing platform based on the philosophy “build once, deploy anywhere” meaning that applications built on Cloud Foundry will run on any other instance of Cloud Foundry.

Rollout SAP Applications Faster With Certified SyntBots® Automation Framework for SAP

In the Digital Age, it is imperative to simplify and streamline processes to enhance the customer experience, improve operational efficiency and ensure consistent execution. The complexity and