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Digital Services

Transform your Front Office Process with Syntel’s Charles River Solutions

Buy-side firms are under pressure from regulators, investors and shareholders to speed up trades, enable trade data analytics and enhance compliance.

Streamline Report Generation with Syntel’s Client Reporting as a Service (CRaaS)

A rapidly evolving business environment puts pressure on global financial firms, including cost pressure on asset managers and regulatory pressure on the banking industry.

Take Services Business to the Next Level With Financial Force

IT organizations spend a lot of man hours to give other people visibility on data. An integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system can make a world of difference in managing your customer satisfaction.

Enhanced B2C interactions using CRM

Syntel’s client is a leading provider of financial services to credit unions, their members, and valued customers worldwide.

Syntel’s Regulatory Reporting Solution for Financial Companies

Good data management and robust reporting systems and controls help financial organizations achieve a better view of their company.

Syntel’s KYC/AML Compliance Offerings

KYC/AML enables financial organizations to effectively manage and optimize operational risk management processes and drive strategic decision making. Its risk scoring matrix helps in case management, alerts, watch list monitoring, and suspicious activity monitoring.

Ratings Simplified

Ratings are an evaluation of the financial status or credit worthiness of an organization or a country. Credit rating agencies consider financial and non-financial aspects to predict the debtor’s ability to pay back the debt.

Transparent Governance, Robust Risk Management and Timely Compliance

In the aftermath of the recent economic turmoil, various industries and geographies realized the importance of enhanced governance, robust risk management practices and stringent regulatory guidelines, in order to keep pace with financial innovation.

Accelerating Dodd-Frank Compliance Initiatives

The new Dodd-Frank financial regulations represent an important piece of financial legislation that has a major impact on financial institutions.

Financial Services Transformation with a Next Generation Data Warehouse

The unparalleled growth in the volume, variety and velocity of data within and outside the enterprise is both a challenge and an opportunity for today’s companies.