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Digital Services

Streamline Report Generation with Syntel’s Client Reporting as a Service (CRaaS)

A rapidly evolving business environment puts pressure on global financial firms, including cost pressure on asset managers and regulatory pressure on the banking industry.

Syntel’s Regulatory Reporting Solution for Financial Companies

Good data management and robust reporting systems and controls help financial organizations achieve a better view of their company.

Ensure Faster STP in Trade Settlements with SyntBots® powered Accelerators

Trading processes have evolved over the years and are capable of processing millions of transactions per second. However it takes comparatively longerfor trade settlement.

Detecting Risks and Averting Fraud with Syntel’s AML Solutions

Money laundering has been on the rise in the last few years, posing a financial threat, economic dilemma and legal entanglement across the globe.

Robo Advisors: Can an Algorithm Replace your Wealth Manager?

Automated, algorithm-based portfolio management services, or “robo advisors” offer low-cost, high quality financial advice for investors.