Transportation Management Goes Digital with Syntel’s TMS — A Mission Critical Application

Logistics and transportation companies constantly strive to achieve higher productivity and provide faster delivery and better customer service at lower cost. With tight margins and fierce
competition across the industry, the key challenge is to achieve these goals with the resources available — leading many enterprises to turn to Transportation Management System (TMS) software.
The global TMS market is expected to grow to $1.7 billion by 2018, with a recent survey of Logistics Management readers showing that 39% of shippers planned to either purchase or upgrade their
TMS during the coming year — a clear signal that TMS is becoming an important part of their overall supply chain management strategy.TMS has the potential to improve visibility, productivity and profitability across the enterprise, deliver flexible and effective routing and load tendering, optimize transportation costs, ensure on-time delivery performance and improve regulatory compliance. However, to implement or upgrade a TMS, it is important to work with an experienced technology partner to ensure that critical business operations continue undisturbed during the process.

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