Rollout SAP Applications Faster With Certified SyntBots® Automation Framework for SAP

In the Digital Age, it is imperative to simplify and streamline processes to enhance the customer experience, improve operational efficiency and ensure consistent execution. The complexity and
fast pace of today’s dynamic enterprise landscape requires a focus on entire business processes rather than on individual applications.
A typical SAP system transaction requires updates to multiple technical and functional components across a range of different environments and landscapes. It is critical to perform rigorous testing during SAP implementations, upgrades, and enhancements. These testing activities are highly repetitive, and require significant involvement by business owners and SMEs, leading to challenges such as:
• Heavy reliance on SMEs and enormous manual testing efforts
• Deadlines and time pressure that often limit test coverage
• Redundant testing requirements due to frequent patch/version upgrades
• Lack of best practices in the testing environment
Syntel’s test automation services leverage an intelligent automation approach that addresses these challenges and enables our clients to test faster, more efficiently, more thoroughly, and at lower cost.

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