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Customers today get information from catalogs, websites, stores, mobile apps and social media, so retailers need a robust strategy that integrates all these channels with their core operations to enable true omnichannel retailing.

Syntel works with global retailers to synchronize their operations and enhance customer engagement across every channel, from e-Commerce maturity assessments to omnichannel operations and mobile commerce enablement. 


Engage One

Retailers connect with consumers through many different channels, all of which must be leveraged for personalized consumer contact in order to provide an integrated brand experience.

Engage One  is a comprehensive solution framework that keeps retailers competitive by providing them with highly customizable business solutions to design and execute a multichannel strategy. It empowers retailers to establish consistent and unparalleled customer service across all touchpoints by engaging customers at three different levels.


We support your business with innovative solutions that accelerate your growth curve in the evolving retail market. Syntel’s next-gen approach to retail experience inspires lifelong advocacy among your customers, and in turn, maximize your profitability.

Success Stories

Syntel’s Performance Testing Services Save ~30% Costs For a Retail Giant

America’s second largest general retailer has operations spread across multiple locations with a huge customer base. Application performance was critical to run the business. Continuous improvement to IT systems and a multi-vendor strategy enabled the client to handle application development and testing, but led to ad hoc release cycles and integration issues. The retail giant partnered with Syntel to assess their IT landscape and ensure no degradation in application...

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Error-Free Carrier Invoice Management System

Our client, a Fortune 100 company, has the world’s largest home improvement chain and is the second largest U.S. retailer. It operates about 2,200 stores worldwide. Client wanted its existing carrier invoice management system to be free from errors, which needed the removal of manual processing. Syntel developed a direct fulfillment network that was capable of supporting current and future growth in the most effective way.

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CIM Enhancement for Higher Productivity

Our client, a Fortune 100 company, has the world’s largest home improvement chain and is the second largest U.S. retailer. Client wanted to eliminate manual intervention from its supply chain applications as well as enhance financial analytics. Syntel managed the client’s CIM and eliminated manual intervention.

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Effective Testing Model for Supply Chain Applications

Our client is a Fortune 100 company and has the world’s largest home improvement chain. It is also the second largest U.S. retailer and operates about 2,200 stores all over the world. Our client, being a home improvement retailer with multiple stores across America, used warehouses for reducing logistic costs and enhance inventory management. Manhattan supply chain solutions were used by the client for its warehouse operations. Client wanted a more effective partner to create a single testing...

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