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Warranty Management & Analytics

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Warranty expenses account for 2–5% of revenue, so manufacturers must be able to employ Big Data analytics to find hidden relationships between data and business metrics to make informed business decisions and increase operational efficiency.
Syntel’s Warranty Data Analytics services enable manufacturers to leverage insights from data to reduce warranty costs, reduce payouts for fraudulent claims, and continuously improve business performance.
We employ techniques like data mining, text mining, social media analytics, cluster analysis, regression analysis and correlation analysis to enable clients to identify trends, patterns and anomalies in warranty data. 

Solution Features

  • Claims segmentation and analysis 
  • Advanced analytical algorithms to classify claims as genuine, suspicious and fraudulent 
  • Provides data visualization capabilities for insight into the entire customer lifecycle
  • Real-time reporting of key business metrics 
  • Configurable data analysis tools 

Business Benefits

  • Proactively identifies suspicious warranty claims in real time
  • Minimizes revenue loss by reducing the overall number of claims 
  • Enables enterprises to control warranty expenses 
  • Uncovers insights to improve and optimize warranty performance
  • Helps identify the root cause of failures, predicts probable future failure points, and enables preventive maintenance
  • Increases customer satisfaction through improved quality, reliability and safety of vehicles and processes 

Syntel also enables clients to run their complex business operations more accurately and efficiently with a dedicated portfolio of Warranty and Claims Management BizOps services.
These automated solutions integrate a dedicated warranty and claims management team, domain expertise, and powerful analytics and reporting capabilities to provide low-cost operational support, enhanced quality and improved process efficiency. 

Our services feature

  • Claim processing automation using Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Automated alert notifications to stakeholders
  • Unified window screen for resolution experts, adjudicators and returns processors 

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