Digital Services



  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Attribution Analysis (Determine the success of a social Ad campaign)
  • Social Graph Analytics (Identification of brand advocates and Influencers)


  • Mobile crew management solutions. (Duty plan, briefing, flight details, passenger preferences, reporting)
  • Mobile passenger service system
  • Mobile check-in 


  • Flight and crew optimization 
  • Real time passenger data analysis 
  • Customer segmentation and targeting 
  • Predictive analysis for revenue projection and profitability 
  • Predictive maintenance analysis 


  • Private and public cloud enablement 
  • Cloud infrastructure management 
  • Data center management 

Success Stories

Syntel’s Successful Journey with Leading Provider of Airline Services

The client is a leading provider of airline passenger, cargo handling, flight operation, and aircraft maintenance software. Since 2008, Syntel has been helping them develop a multitude of applications.  See how we helped them get their solutions off the ground.

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