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Syntel helps global logistics leaders leverage IT to improve supply chain efficiency, expand their global operations and comply with regulations. We rely on decades of experience providing a comprehensive suite of  IT services to create more flexible businesses, reduce costs and build deeper connections with customers in the logistics industry.


Automated Product Engineering & IT Ops

  • Managed services for application development, support and maintenance
  • Automated QA and testing services
  • Automated IT infrastructure management and architecture services

Decision Support and Analytics

  • Data consolidation, transformation and cleansing
  • Data warehousing and Business Intelligence services
  • Reporting and analytics dashboards

Supply Chain Integration

  • Inbound and outbound logistics apps
  • Warehouse management and support
  • Dock and yard management systems
  • Freight inspection and QA tools
  • Inventory management and optimization
  • Mobility solutions
  • Transportation and fleet management

Internet of Things (IoT)

  • IoT roadmap consulting and platform implementation
  • Smart packaging / item level tracking
  • Remote sensor integration
  • Streaming analytics
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Operations Management

  • Workforce management and productivity solutions
  • Enterprise integration and vendor collaboration
  • Customer relationship management
  • Help desk and claims solutions 
  • Sales, marketing and advertising solutions
  • Pricing, contract and revenue management applications
  • Corporate finance

Legacy Modernization

  • Re-architecture, re-platform, re-hosting and rewriting
  • Microservices architecture implementation
  • SyntBots automated Exit Legacy solution 
  • Factory-based delivery model
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Syntel's Logistics Innovation 

Syntel establishes a dedicated innovation cell for each of our logistics clients, which focuses on identifying, developing and deploying new ideas, concepts, approaches, methodologies, processes and tools to lower costs, accelerate timelines and deliver tangible business results.

Success Stories

A Partnership to Deliver Business Transformation and Efficiency

In 2001 a Fortune 100 American logistics company was looking to test their applications and optimize costs. They partnered with Syntel for skill-based testing services. This marked the start of a collaboration which has matured and expanded over the years. With time, the Syntel-client partnership shifted focus from project-specific deliverables to value creation and innovation across business processes.

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