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At any given moment, life sciences companies must handle a universe of product stock keeping units (SKUs) s with labeling standards for different geographies and languages. Each one affects packaging and design, marketing, manufacturing, regulatory, R&D, and printing.

Syntel enables life sciences companies to overcome these challenges with a scalable end-to-end solution framework that eliminates waste, reduces cycle time, delivers savings on hardware and printing costs, and ensures consistent brand and messaging.

Our Services 

  • Global artwork support
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Multilingual translation and vendor proof support
  • Business process support
  • Implementation testing and validation
  • Data migration and verification
  • Business process support

The Syntel Advantage

  • Innovative factory model to improve speed to market and reduce cost
  • Improved quality with upstream and downstream track and trace
  • 95% improvement in testing accuracy
  • Central web-based artwork repository with search capabilities and single view of all artwork requests


Changing consumer behavior, rapidly changing product lifecycles and diversified global markets have made the life sciences market very competitive. Syntel’s end-to-end packaging solutions help clients minimize risk and reduce waste and inefficiency, from the manufacturing floor all the way to the consumer’s home.

Our Services 

  • Packaging and carton design
  • Promotional packaging, including shrinkable sleeves and stickers
  • Labeling

The Syntel Advantage

  • Standardized process and framework to manage consumer packaging functions globally
  • Emphasis on improved efficiency, lean management, and waste reduction
  • Seamless integration with supply chain, consumer behavior, B2B communications and change management
  • Compliance-oriented business model to streamline packaging changes, minimize stock inventory and packaging errors, and reduce package-related costs
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