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Sustenance Engineering Services

Reduce time to market and control product development costs while designing products for specific regions.

 Our Services :

  • Comprehensive testing and validation 
  • Audit and compliance
  • Consulting and transformation change management

The Syntel Advantage

  • Coordination with design, development, verification and validation teams for a customized solution to optimize product costs
  • Expertise in product analysis, product engineering, local market analysis and product reengineering
  • Robust, multi-geography framework for regulatory compliance

Reliability Engineering Services

Avoid risk and focus on reliability throughout all phases of product design and with Syntel’s robust reliability engineering framework. We enable medical device companies avoid risks such as poor equipment performance, high repair costs, safety issues, and even failure to obtain patents.

Our Services 

  • Document performance requirements
  • Industry benchmarked design and coding standards
  • Validation services
  • Requirements gathering and traceability
  • Operating models to predict reliability
  • Audit services
  • Safety, risk and hazard analysis
  • User experience design

The Syntel Advantage

  • Integrated validation services for reliability testing with development and phase-wise testing
  • Robust prototype testing framework to verify system performance and analyze/prevent potential failures
  • Post production quality analysis to verify design reliability, failure mode, and fault tree analysis during device development to assess and avoid potential safety hazards

Verification and Validation Services

Avoid costly design iterations and product recalls with verification and validation services from Syntel. With deep experience in manufacturing and life sciences, Syntel enables clients to test products through virtual simulations, ensuring that the right product design is in place far in advance of production.

Our Services 

  • Design to development verification services
  • Validation and testing services
  • Prototype, functional, integration and reliability testing
  • Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) and software-in-the-loop (SIL) testing

The Syntel Advantage

  • Specialized team and laboratory infrastructure support for designing prototypes, running simulations, analyzing results, and validating design
  • Robust validation framework for design and regulatory compliance, which optimizes manufacturing methods and enhances value engineering for products

Complaint Management

The success of any product depends not only on the value it delivers, but also on monitoring consumer feedback and sentiment. Syntel deploys cloud and custom systems to analyze sales, service, and complaint handling procedures to identify pain areas, enhance customer satisfaction and ensure regulatory compliance.

We also help clients consolidate service requests and complaints into one central system where they can be automatically assessed and prioritized, so your staff can focus on responding efficiently.

Our Services 

  • Account and product maintenance
  • Payment processing and reconciliation
  • Customer service and correspondence (via voice, chat, email, and social media)
  • End-to-end claims management, including investigation and resolution
  • Reporting

The Syntel Advantage

  • Robust governance, with well-defined approval and escalation workflows to manage complaints
  • Qualified team members who can connect with stakeholders and customers to handle complaints
  • Automation-driven framework for complaint classification and prioritization
  • Support for FDA unique device identification requirements, including audit trails and electronic signatures for individual complaints
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