In an ocean of data, Syntel can help you find the drop you’re looking for.

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The digital age presents newer challenges in harnessing information for the insurance industry. Syntel helps insurers manage the speed, volume and complexity of data to drive new sources of competitive advantage in a dynamic industry.

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Digital Insurance

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Key Offerings

Syntel has enabled global insurers to transform into digital-ready enterprises by building and adapting our offerings to align with our clients’ business goals. Our suite of insurance management services delivers robust IT solutions and transforms insurers into well-informed, decisive, future-ready enterprises, enabling a differentiated experience for insurers’ end-customers.


At Syntel, our solutions enable you to adapt to the ever-changing insurance business and regulatory landscape. Learn more about the thought that goes into changing the game.

Success Stories

Upgrading Oracle Insurance Policy Administration (OIPA) for a Leading Insurer

The client needed to upgrade Oracle Insurance Policy Administration (OIPA) to take advantage of product support and faster enhancements and remediation. See how Syntel executed a first-of-its kind project, where the entire OIPA platform was upgraded and moved to production at the same time.

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50% Faster Financial Period Cycles by Implementing SAP HANA

A large insurer wanted to consolidate BW systems to a single platform to improve efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, complexity, and redundancy. See how Syntel helped build a robust framework to manage increasing data volumes and deliver better business insights.

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Syntel Helps Insurance Giant to Move to a Customized Agile Model

A large insurance company required an enterprise data warehouse with integrated dimensional modeling to meet its business objectives. Syntel created accelerators to help the customer reduce costs and improve time to market.

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