Improve visibility, efficiency, and effective collaboration to manage change and improve the quality of care.

Digital Services


Business Intelligence (BI) & Analytics

  • ​​​Predictive Readmission Modeling
  • Clinical Quality Reporting
  • ACO Reporting
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Integration Solutions

Enable an efficient, interoperable ecosystem with Syntel’s integration services. Reduce interface development and implementation time, and ensure that your Electronic Health Records (EHR) integrate seamlessly both inside and outside the hospital.

Revenue Cycle Management

Monitor and analyze your operations to achieve better visibility and control over the entire revenue cycle. Syntel’s solutions enable you to proactively identify and manage revenue cycle bottlenecks, eliminate accounts receivable outliers, reduce billing and coding delays, and understand payer reimbursement trends to optimize your accounts receivable, billing and collections performance.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Ensure a smooth transition for your acquisition, merger or divestiture with Syntel. Our solution encompasses revenue cycle management, supply chain management, payroll and financial applications.

Success Stories

Achieving Clinical Enterprise Integration with BizTalk

A large U.S. healthcare provide, needed to integrate electronic health records from more than 60 facilities in their network with a propriety mainframe-based patient accounting (PA) system. The PA system stores financial data, calculates healthcare costs, and provides patient billing information, making it a critical part of their computing environment.

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Improving Coding Quality and Reducing Revenue Loss with Syntel BizOps Services

Today’s healthcare providers must achieve unprecedented efficiency in managing and running their Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) processes in order to avoid revenue leakage and contain costs.

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Building a Scalable Architecture for the Dynamic Data Needs of a Care Solution Provider

The client is a leading care solution provider in the U.S. They generate a huge amount of data in the process of delivering services, which is used to make informed decisions to improve healthcare outcomes and operational processes. However, the rapid growth of their business and a dramatic increase in data volume was quickly outgrowing their technology architecture’s ability to keep up.

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