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Be a part of the Digital Payments revolution through our digital enablement, integration and analytics solutions.

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Manage the entire payments value chain and manage millions of secure transactions with software solutions and services tailored to your business. Syntel is a leader in cards and payments, with services spanning strategy development, technical consulting, data-driven analysis and business process optimization.

Our high value solutions are driven by an end-to-end understanding of the payments lifecycle, and were developed to comply with the latest payment standards and regulations.  


Payment processing

Managing daily $ multi-billion transaction volumes

Merchant Solutions

Onboarding, setup, training, and point-of-sale (POS) management

Mobile and Contactless Payments

Cross platform development, testing and integration

Social Media Integration

 Automated monitoring and a reusable integration framework

Success Stories

Helped Client Realize 50% Reduction In The Turnaround Time for Data Movement

Syntel’s client is a Fortune 500 global payments, network and travel company, with a worldwide network that processes millions of merchant transactions daily, in more than 200 countries.

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Cards and Payments Company Improves Merchant Satisfaction with Salesforce

The client is a Fortune 100 U.S. cards and payments company. As a company, they are very brand conscious and wanted to create a feedback loop to continuously measure merchant satisfaction, and whether merchants were more likely to be promoters or detractors of their brand.

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Manage the payments value chain and drive millions of secure transactions with customized software solutions and services. Syntel’s cards and payments solutions are developed to comply with the latest payment standards and regulations, and focus on:

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