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Syntel’s Automated Application Management Services

In the Digital Age, IT executives responsible for application maintenance are tasked with delivering high quality, high value solutions, a major departure from years gone by, when the focus was on schedule, cost, and efficiency.

Modern software metrics — speed, quality, and value — are based on continuous feedback from business partners and customers, but many traditional application management approaches are incompatible with this metrics-driven approach.

Syntel's Solution

Syntel’s automated application management offering has been built from the ground up to support this next-generation philosophy, delivering higher productivity, reliability, availability, increased performance, and reduced operating costs.

The solution enhances the availability of your critical apps and jobs and employs quality engineering for faster application releases and improved end-user satisfaction. The three major components of this solution are:

  • Automation Assisted IT Ops (Automate reactive operations)
  • Site Reliability Engineering ( Reduce ticket inflows)
  • Agile Development (Improve Speed of Delivery)

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Business Benefits

  • Availability
    • 45% reduction in mean time to recover
    • 70% faster defect resolution
    • 20% Lower ticket in-flows
  • Speed to Market
    • 40% faster time to market for applications
    • 50% reduction in business cycle time
  • Quality
    • 50% reduction in defect leakage
  • Efficiency
    • 30% lower manual efforts
  • Agility
    • Weekly patches to Production

Analyst Mentions

Many clients spoke highly of the vendor’s willingness to bring new ideas that improve on the status quo. As one client put it, ‘They are not order-takers; Syntel pushed back on the defect rate we were willing to accept, which seems high in retrospect.’ Its SyntBots platforms are among the most comprehensive AMS automation platforms in the midsize market; its automation pilot program, encompassing more than 20 clients, is one of the largest in the midsize segment.

The Forrester Wave: Application Outsourcing Capabilities Of Midsize Offshore Vendors, Q4 2016
Forrester Research, Inc.
December, 2016

Non-personnel-based application maintenance pricing, such as ticket-based or application-based pricing leads to more productive conversations about application modernization and retirement. As the volume of maintenance work stemming from an application can be measured precisely, an AMS supplier can be compensated fairly for reduced maintenance work resulting from application modernization and retirement. Syntel has used this model. It gives the offshore supplier incentives to propose modernization ideas, alleviates the need for cannibalization, and eases the transition to a more automation-centric business model.

Is Your Offshore Services Vendor Willing To Cannibalize Itself?
Forrester Research, Inc.
April, 2016


Success Stories

DevOps Automation for a U.S. Credit Rating Company

The client is a leading U.S. credit rating agency that was looking to increase the speed, efficiency and quality of its software delivery process.

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SyntBots™ Enables DevOps Automation for a Leading Financial Services Provider

Our client engaged Syntel for a DevOps automation project. This required many applications across technologies such as Java and .Net to be deployed, but the slow manual process led to delayed turnaround time.

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Faster Product Development with Agile Adoption

A large Fortune 500 cards and payments provider was struggling to improve its time-to-market with products. The client wanted to drive Agile methodology within the organization. Current project status and unqualified resources lead to slower adoption of the Agile methodology.Syntel played the role of a consultant to drive Agile in the client organization. Undertaking pilot projects for key solutions led to success and enhanced confidence in Agile. Syntel managed to save costs and enhance...

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80% TAT reduction for a home retailer

Syntel has helped one of the world's largest home improvement chains and second largest retailer in the U.S. achieve 80% reduction in TAT.

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