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Transform your processes
for the Digital Age with BizOps Powered by Syntbots

Today's businesses face a common challenge: how to optimize their processes to improve operational effectiveness. This is the current reality of the Digital Age, no matter what industry you compete in.

Now, a new breed of intelligent business operations (BizOps) automation solutions is helping companies transform their business processes, reduce overhead, create a competitive edge in the market, and more effectively deploy their resources on the most critical projects.

Syntel’s Solution

Our approach to BizOps is powered by the SyntBots® intelligent automation platform, which enables enterprises to make a quantum leap in the quality and efficiency of their run-the-business operations.

Through technologies like cognitive computing, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning, SyntBots enables you to do more with less, accelerate process execution, and free up precious budget and talent for higher value work.

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Business Benefits

  • 40-60% reduction in average handling time
  • 30% committed up-front cost savings
  • Agile implementation (6-8 weeks)
  • High (24x7) availability
  • Reusable microservices approach for 20% time savings
  • Automation levels of up to 100% automation for select processes

Analyst Mentions

SyntBots is Syntel's most recent contribution in the cloud management area and has integrated various tools to address development and operations working together with business sponsors and quality assurance to deliver a continuous stream of innovation into production.

Vendor Landscape: Cloud Strategies Of Leading Global Infrastructure Outsourcing Providers
Forrester Research, Inc.
December, 2015

SyntBots provides a critical differentiation to many of its peers and is underpinned by a vertical jumpstart library to accelerate deployments for specific vertical use cases.

Lack of Automation Revenue Model Spells Disaster for Service Providers
HfS Research
October, 2015


Success Stories

Syntel helps Automate UK Based Multinational General Insurance Company’s Contact Center Operations

A UK based multinational general insurance company was looking to reduce its operational expenditure and deliver improved customer experience through process automation. Their customer contact center operations constituted multiple application touch points and completing any single process (like policy enquiry, cancellation, premium payment, policy servicing etc.) required switching between a minimum of 3 to 4 applications, copy-pasting information from one application to another. Training costs for customer managers were high and improved MIS reporting and decision making was the need of the hour.

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SyntBots™ Helps Leading Financial Regulator with Successful Digital Transformation

A leading European regulator of retail and wholesale financial services was modernizing its web portal, which details financial conduct guidelines. Syntel leveraged SyntBots for DevOps — Syntel’s next-generation automation platform – to support the migration and validation of more than 20,000 web pages with 100% accuracy.

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