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Accelerate your Big Data and Analytics Journey with Syntel

In the digital age, Data is critical to driving differentiation, innovation, customer satisfaction and efficiency. But today’s data is big, messy, fast moving and found in sources as diverse as a highly-structured CRM system, a casual comment on social media or embedded in a picture or video.
The right Big Data and Analytics solutions can help turn this conundrum into your biggest opportunity.

Are you really Big on Data?

Organizations looking to leverage data as a key business enabler typically face one or more of the following challenges:

How can Syntel help?    

Syntel can help realize your Big Data vision with solutions that help both plan and execute your big data strategy:

What outcomes can we deliver?



Success Stories

Increasing Market Share And Reducing Cost With SAP HANA Analytics

The client is a leading U.S. automaker that was looking to increase their market share to 40% and reduce costs by 10%. They determined that implementing an SAP HANA data mart and applying analytics to inform their decision making for sales, warranty, and extended warranty was one of the keys to achieving this goal.

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360 Degree View of Customers’ Travel Expense Helps Avoid Revenue Leakage

A leading global business travel company wanted to develop a data fabric across travel and payment systems to create a 360 Degree view of its customers. Syntel leveraged Big Data to monitor a travelling customer’s data from planning, billing, and payment systems, and classify relevant travel bookings to corresponding card expenses.

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Helped Client Realize 50% Reduction In The Turnaround Time for Data Movement

Syntel’s client is a Fortune 500 global payments, network and travel company, with a worldwide network that processes millions of merchant transactions daily, in more than 200 countries.

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