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Digital Services

Today’s uncertain business environment demands fast time to market, continuous evolution, and an enhanced digital experience for the customer. Agile software development has levelled the playing field and superior customer experience is the new source of competitive advantage.

If your application development cannot support these business imperatives, your business is at risk. 

The challenges organizations face:

Ignoring these challenges can cost enterprises dearly, and create a “digital disconnect” between a business and its customers.

How can Syntel help?

Syntel employs the latest Agile and DevOps methodologies to help speed up your application development process. We help implement a factory-based development model and enable you to leverage a variety of cloud platforms to develop and test your applications. Our offerings and differentiators include:

What outcomes can we deliver?

Syntel has helped many clients build next generation speed, agility, efficiency and quality into their application development processes. Our proven capabilities and experience enable us to deliver the following business outcomes:



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