Private Cloud and Application Modernization

Company Overview

  • A leading custodian bank

Digital Opportunity

  • Reduce IT Infrastructure Costs
  • Improve IT Resource Utilization and staff productivity 
  • Improve Time to Market for New Offerings

Syntel Solution

  • Standardization of Technology , reporting capabilities across applications
  • Standardization of Development standards
  • Accelerate on-boardings on new reporting applications
  • Created Reference Architecture for the Applications to abide.
  • Key cloud components such as controller, rule engine, monitoring built in for provisioning/ scale up/ scale down
  • App Framework components built – security, routers, session management  
  • Private cloud Stack : Linux, Tomcat, Jboss based middleware cloud
  • Consolidation of Apps while migration

Business Benefits

  • Comprehensive and centralized platform providing all reporting services across organization
  • Shared computing resources deployed over cloud to provided unlimited performance
  • Better Utilization of Existing Hardware
  • Minimum change to the existing applications